Matthias Van Dromme (1988, Mechelen) is a photographer based in Ghent, Belgium. He graduated in 2011 with a BA in Photography at School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium. 


2008 - 2011, School Of Arts (KASK), BA in photography, Ghent, Belgium.


2017, Kuiperskaai Intervention, Mill, Brussels, Belgium

2017, FotoFilmic 17, PULPGallery, Bowen Island Vancouver, Canada

2018, The FotoFilmic Traveling Exhibition, New York, Paris, Vancouver & Thessaloniki

2018, Organ Vida, Zagreb, Croatia. 


2017, Emerging Photographer, Vol. 9, No. 2, Fall edition, New York, USA
2017, HANT-Magazine Für Fotografie, Ausgabe 10: Home Sweet Home, Germany.

2018, DISH RAG Magazine, Issu 0, Fall 2018, Caves, USA.

Online Publications

2018, Aint-Bad, Independent Publisher of New Photographic Art

2017, Life Framer, collection



Phone: +32471/114107

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